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All Terrain Bike Trailer Test Made From a Child’s Trailer Bike

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All Terrain Bike Trailer Test Made From a Child’s Trailer Bike
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So a little while ago I decided to try out a trailer design I had been thinking about for sometime. The trailer criteria had to be that it could almost go anywhere, (so be a sensible option for the longer bike packing tour), be cheap and be freely available.

So after thinking about it for sometime and coming up with idea’s of making one out of an old BMX bike, a front fork from a mountain bike, I settled in the end with a child’s trailer bike. The reason being is that they are easily available, they can easily fit to any bike and they are designed to take a fair amount of weight.

I was lucky enough to pick up the child’s trailer bike from the local tip, and after removing the crank and drivetrain as well as the handlebars and saddle and anything that it didn’t need to reduce as much weight as possible. I came up with the idea of fitting a small lightweight pannier rack over where the saddle would have been . I also swapped the original back wheel for a front BMX wheel that I had kicking around in the garage.

Once it was all fitted up on the bike with panniers and tent, we used it for a test on a local bike packing weekend. I have to say I was very impressed with how it performed, it pulled really easily, and followed me over some very bumpy and muddy terrain, all without holding me back or clogging up or letting me down at all.

So for those of you out there looking at different options for a bike packing trailer, but want to do it on the cheap with something reliable that will follow you virtually anywhere, then using an old child’s trailer bike is a fantastic option.

To see the trailer in action check out our video on youtube

Thank you for reading.

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