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Mountain Bike Coaching

Mountain biking is one of the fastest growing sports in Britain, and is relatively easy and not too costly to get in to. A lot of people think that being in a very flat part of the UK that mountain biking is something that just doesn’t happen here in Cambridgeshire, but they are very wrong. It is an excellent area to ride and learn, although we haven’t got any massive hills, actually gives us an advantage, because we don’t have to be super fit to get out there and start learning.

As Jonathan Collins from 1MTB1 was saying to me from Llandudno in North Wales, “everywhere you look around where I live, there is a massive climb! So it is quite hard for people to start mountain biking unless they are already very fit!”

Our Mountain Bike Coaching sessions are extremely popular and fill up quickly. The Mountain Bike training sessions are put together to help you build confidence in learning the fundamentals of off-road riding so you don't feel as though you have been thrown in at the deep end. Whether on our mountain bike training days or through stand-alone coaching, you will always learn in a safe environment with a fully trained instructor to start you on the path to riding those more technical sections with assured ability.

The type of skills taught and practiced through the Mountain Bike coaching are...

Bike Set Up 

- A demonstration of pre-ride checks

- A brief explanation of choosing the right tyre pressure

Mind Skills

- Relaxing on the bike and staying loose

- Riding within yourself to stay in control

Body Position and Riding Movement

- The 'Ready Position'- Moving around the bike in three dimensions with dynamic weight shift

Speed Control

- Braking safely and effectively

- How and where to brake for maximum efficiency


- How to corner with speed and confidence

Climbing and Descending 

- Negotiation steep terrain

Lifts and jumps

- Negotiating obstacles with confidence

Book on a course now by contacting us and we will find a course to suit your needs.