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Road Cycle Coaching

Here at Love Biking we cater for all types of road riding, from beginners and confidence training right through to specific race training. From children right through to the most experienced of adults.

Whether you would just love to get out on your bike and start riding more regularly. Be able to use the bike to get to the shops, or you want a cheaper and fitter way of getting to work, or you just want to enjoy riding in the big out doors. Love Biking can help you gain more confidence, giving you the knowledge and help give you the experience to ride on busy roads and tackle busy junctions with safe riding techniques that will enable you to bring the joy back into your journey.

We also specialise in road race training, with basic sessions on how to use cleats, to group sessions on how to ride in a close group formation, learning the do's and don'ts of 'through and off'. We even do braking and cornering sessions, learning how to carry speed into a corner, saving energy and keeping momentum.

Whatever your biking needs, Love Biking can help you. With a friendly and non condescending approach, we will take time to work at your pace of learning, helping you to master each technique with confidence and first class know how.

We run individual sessions, group sessions as well as ladies only sessions.

Contact us now, and tell us how we can help you. Whether you want a single session or a group of sessions, we will sit down with you and discuss what will suit your needs and then put together a program to fit you and your budget.